1993 Thames River Boating -- Thames Views (Animals)

swans on thames

In 1993, while we were between jobs, we enjoyed perhaps the greatest vacation of our lives. We hired a boat and motored about on the Thames River upstream of London.

As noted previously, an English spring was in the air. The fields were full of animal life, including leaping lambs. People walked their dogs along the towpath. There was practice for an upcoming coaching competition at Royal Windsor Park, sight of Windsor Castle. The river was full of water birds leading their babies along as though on a Sunday outing.

The swans really caught our attention. The mothers often let the babies (cygnets) ride on their back. We were particularly fascinated by the size of the swans' feet! They are huge!

And of course there were the ducks. The ducks often hitched rides on our boat, getting aboard at one lock and riding to the next one, acting a bit like commuters.

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Farmland Along the Upper Thames -- 1993 Thames Boating Trip

[Farmland Along the Upper Thames]

[Livestock and Farmland (don't drink the water...)]

Livestock and Farmland (don't drink the water...) -- 1993 Thames Boating Trip

Hitch-Hiking Ducks (note boat house in background) -- 1993 Thames Boating Trip

[Hitch-Hiking Ducks (note boat house in background)]

[Another Hitch-Hiking Duck]

Another Hitch-Hiking Duck -- 1993 Thames Boating Trip

Bob Feeding Ducks at Runnymede -- 1993 Thames Boating Trip

[Bob Feeding Ducks at Runnymede]

[Swan With Her Babies (cygnets)]

Swan With Her Babies (cygnets) -- 1993 Thames Boating Trip

The Babies Ride on the Mother's Back -- 1993 Thames Boating Trip

[The Babies Ride on the Mother's Back]

[Swans Have Big Feet]

Swans Have Big Feet -- 1993 Thames Boating Trip

Coaching at Windsor Park (Practice for Upcoming Event) -- 1993 Thames Boating Trip

[Coaching at Windsor Park (Practice for Upcoming Event)]

[Sunset on the Thames (after a rain-free day)]

Sunset on the Thames (after a rain-free day) -- 1993 Thames Boating Trip

More of That Sunset on the Thames -- 1993 Thames Boating Trip

[More of That Sunset on the Thames]

Copyright © 1993-2019 Robert and Sandra Swanson

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