Golden Spike National Historic Site, Promontory Summit, Utah, 2014

locomotive at Promontory Summit, Utah, site of golden spike

In 2014, while visiting family in the Salt Lake City area, we took a side trip out to the Golden Spike National Historic Site at Promontory Summit, Utah. This was the site of the driving of the "golden spike", the point where the two teams met, while completing the transcontinental railroad. There is an interesting visitor center, operated by the National Park Service.

If you arrive early, you get to see the crews run the locomotives from their storage sheds, up to the static viewing area. Once at the viewing area, you can get a close-up view of the locomotives, and stand on a platform and see inside the cab. The locomotives stay in the static location all day, so if you want to watch steam locomotives operate, either come early or late.

We had a beautiful day, and managed to get a lot of photos. These replica locomotives were built by private contractors. The paint scheme was created by Disney animator (and railroad buff) Ward Kimball.

Views of the General Area, Including the Visitors Center

Views of the Union Pacific Locomotive #119

Views of the Central Pacific #60 Locomotive (Jupiter)

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