Our 2005 Panama Canal Cruise
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Updated January 29, 2013

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We had such a great Panama Canal cruise in December of 2004, that we thought it would be fun do it again. We had an ulterior motive, however: the brand-new Pride of America was being delivered this summer from the German shipyard to her regular Hawaiian service. This "repositioning" cruise would be spent mostly at sea, one of our favorite aspects of cruising. The cruise went from Miami, Florida, to Los Angeles, California. Being on a new ship would be an adventure, and indeed it was. In spite of a few glitches, we had a great time.

Needless to say, the Panama Canal is awesome. It was wonderful again to be on a ship that completely traversed the Canal. There were very few stops along the way: Roatan Island (off the coast of Honduras), Costa Rica twice (Puerto Limon and Puntarenas), and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Of these stops, only Cabo was really a "resort destination". Roatan is still quite undeveloped, and the other stops were in otherwise commercial ports. This time, we got a see some of the countryside off of the ship.

This cruise again had a roll-call group from Cruisecritic. We had a great time with these folks. If you are planning a cruise, be sure to try visiting (and joining) the roll-call for your cruise.

Following are web page links for various parts of the trip, as well as some special subjects we covered. If you are ready for a long session, you can see all of the photos in one huge interactive album. There are fewer photos under the headings listed below.

If you have trouble with Javascript, you may just want to view the static thumbnail picture pages.

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