Photo Albums of Our 2016-2017 Travels to
Australia, New Zealand, and Polynesia

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This web page contains links to photo albums of our "down under" travels in 2016-2017. In all, it was a 5-month saga of travel to and around Australia and Polynesia, primarily on cruise ships.

To start, we left the U. S. in late 2016 on a cruise ship, arriving in Sydney, Australia. After a day "turn around", we stayed aboard, and continued on a one-month cruise completely around the Australian continent.

In mid-November 2016, we landed in Sydney, and stayed ashore for several weeks. During that time, we traveled from Sydney to Melbourne for more sight-seeing and a round-trip cruise to New Zealand during Christmas.

In mid-January 2017 we left Sydney and took a cruise ship back to the U. S., finally arriving in San Diego.

NOTE that these photographs are Copyright©2016-22 Robert and Sandra Swanson. I greatly appreciate people viewing the photos, but not stealing them. If someone is interested from a commercial point of view, please contact me.

Photo Albums

Seattle to Sydney, Australia

This cruise, with several interesting stops, took us to Australia from Seattle.

Photos taken as we entered Sydney Harbor in October, 2016

Complete Circle Cruise of Australia

Stops included Bali and the West Coast of Oz. The West Coast is quite isolated and is not on the usual "tourist" itinerary. Equally isolated is the North coast, which we also managed to visit. Near the end of the "circle" we visited some ports on the South side of Oz.

Albany, Australia, Port Visit

Sydney, Australia

Taken during our outings in this amazing and beautiful city. We lived in an apartment in the city at both the start, and end, of our land journey.

Featherdale Wildlife Park [Google photos]

Sydney General Images [Google photos]

Taronga Zoo, Sydney [Google photos]

Powerhouse Museum, Sydney [Google photos]

Melbourne, Australia

A great city and well worth the few weeks we were there. As with Sydney, we stayed in an apartment in the central city.

Melbourne, Australia, Images [Google photos]

Melbourne Zoo [Google photos]

Round Trip Cruise from Melbourne, Australia to New Zealand (Holiday Cruise)

Port Chalmers and the Orego Peninsula. We saw some unique animal life in this scenic area.

Gisbourne, New Zealand, including a ride on the Gisborne City Vintage Railway

Additional wildlife photos at Port Chalmers and Otego Peninsula, NZ [Google photos]

Cruise from Sydney, Australia to San Diego, U. S.

Napier, New Zealand, The "Art Deco" City

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