Chasing the UP 4014 'Big Boy' in Iowa, 2019

steam locomotive

We spent a day "chasing" the Union Pacific steam locomotive #4014, as it pulled a small train across Iowa. This engine was taken out of service in the late 1950's and sat in Pomona, California (my home town) for 50+ years. Recently, Union Pacific got possession, hauled it back to Cheyenne, Wyoming, and restored it to full operation.

Union Pacific is running this train through the MidWest during July-August 2019, and we were fortunate to see it in static display in Des Moines, and then along the tracks as the locomotive sped by. Awesome experience.

Our best vantages were rural crossings, where we could park our vehicle, set up cameras, and wait for the train, all without large crowds. When the train made scheduled stops in towns, there were too many people around for a clear capture. Some enterprising photographers were taking pictures from highway bridges, which looked interesting. However, you only get a few seconds to capture video and photos of the train passing by.

The sound of the steam whistle is amazing, and we had goose bumps ("chicken skin" they say in Hawai'i) just from the sound. We've also added links to a video of the pass-by of the train in Iowa.

NOTE that these videos, sound recordings, and photographs are Copyright©2019 Robert and Sandra Swanson. I greatly appreciate people viewing the photos and video, but not stealing them. If someone is interested from a commercial point of view, please contact me.

Photo Albums

UP4014 Passing Rural Crossing Near Ogden, Iowa

UP4014 Passing Through Arcadia, Iowa

UP4014 in Static Display in Des Moines, Iowa

Whistle Recordings

Audio of UP4014 Steam Whistle (1) [mp3]

Audio of UP4014 Steam Whistle (2) [mp3]

Audio of UP4014 Steam Whistle (3) [mp3]

Video of Pass-By in Ogden and Arcadia

Video of UP4014 Passing By in Ogden and Arcadia, Iowa [YouTube]

Video of UP4014 Passing By in Ogden and Arcadia, Iowa [Flickr]

Copyright © 2019 Robert and Sandra Swanson

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